Alice helped our daughter prepare for her French AP exams in just under a year of classes, when the prior preparation at school had been inadequate. Alice is an extremely empathetic and encouraging teacher, and this spirit allowed our daughter to accelerate at a great pace even though she had been extremely shy of speaking in French despite her previous classes in school. She even happened to be in Paris for a short trip and manage to speak French confidently while there. We’re so grateful for Alice’s teaching!

Tayyba, Houston, USA

Thank you very much for all the classes this year. I have learned a lot because of the dedication and professionalism you exhibited with me throughout this year! You are an excellent teacher! In fact, I consider you to be one of the best teachers I have ever had! Your pedagogical method is superb even while doing our classes through the computer. I value your dedication, organization and especially your patience with me. You always motivate me to continue learning and make me appreciate the beauty of the French language in every class. Also I appreciate how you make me think in French. This is extremely important and after 3 years of taking classes I notice how much value this has in the learning process. I will always recommend my friends that if they think about learning French to not think twice about contacting you.

German, Colombia

I work in a French company, and Alice was referred by a colleague who was taking classes with her. She is a great instructor, and rather than having open-ended conversational classes, she established a program with clear objectives to be met by the end of each period. Within just a few months I was able to tell the difference in my French skills. Alice was also very accommodating to my schedule, so she would come to my office – always very punctually – thus making it easier for me not to miss any instruction time.

Renato, Brazil

I worked with Alice when I was preparing to take my French citizenship tests. Thanks to her teaching, I passed my French proficiency exam and my interview. Alice was always prepared and kept me engaged. She is also a genuinely great person and fun to work with. I highly recommend her! She truly is one of the best language teachers.


I cannot recommend Alice enough to have a 100% immersion-based learning of French. She was my instructor at the Alliance Française in Houston and still is. Her teaching style encourages speaking in French, even if it is broken-French, so that we learn to think in French and don’t fall in the trap of translating in a different language in our head before speaking. I found this extremely useful. She is also a very patient teacher and gives really good feedback on where we should improve. Alice also made multiple efforts to give us resources that we could use outside of the class to continue working on the language. These are all marks of a fantastic instructor who cares about both learning and retention.

Shreyasee, PA, USA 

She is my marvelous teacher. I met her at the French Alliance. Very detailed and kind. She allows you to speak poorly and then she gives you great feedback. I would not have advanced as much as I have without her encouragement. Personal, precise and accurate. Bar none the best teacher I have ever had! You would be lucky to have her teach you!

Margarita, TX, USA 

Alice is an incredible teacher. Her experience shows in her methods. She is patient and informative which has led to great results in my French speaking skills.

Robbie, TX, USA

Très bonne professeure, compétente et sérieuse. Fait preuve d’innovation et de professionnalisme.

Delphine, France

I was so lucky to have Alice as my French professor. She possesses an infectiously positive attitude and energy which, together with excellent teaching techniques, makes learning French a stress-free and pleasant experience. Alice does not simple teaches you, she genuinely cares about your progress and pushes you to do your best. But, what makes her stellar is her love for teaching and the way she encourages you to persist on your learning goals. French pronunciation can be challenging, but it won’t be if Alice is your French professor. She is also extremely responsible and dedicated. If you really want to learn French, Alice is the best in town. You couldn’t be in better hands!

Yurima, TX, USA

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