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« Grâce aux langues, on est chez soi n’importe où. »

– Edmund de Waal

Why would you learn French with Direct French?

Because you will have the most relaxing, enjoyable and mindful break in your busy day!

Take time out of your schedule to do something you care about, you are passionate about and awesome at!

And more importantly, because it addresses your specific needs :

  • to learn French for the first time, for pleasure or to travel to a French-speaking country
  • to reinforce your French lessons at school and/or university and prepare you for your exams, for instance the American AP French exam
  • to master French for your work
  • to prepare you for official language certifications and tests, like the diplomas DELF-DALF, and the test TCF or TEF, for example
  • to pass the test TCF or TEF to get your French citizenship and to succeed at your naturalization interview at a French consulate or embassy.

Direct French offers French classes in immersion

You will learn French, thinking directly in French. It is a straightforward and full immersion into French and Francophone language plus cultures, to speak, understand, read and write in French, as if you were in a French-speaking country.

Thinking directly in French means that you are not Google Translate : you have brains, you can do much more than just translate from French to another language and vice versa. You precisely don’t need to translate what you want to say, understand or write. Instead, you practice French with unilingual (one language) activities, tools and resources. With practice and since your first class, you can have a conversation in French.

So that’s Direct French!

French classes with a native speaker, experienced and certified teacher, that fit your individual needs, personality and interests, to master French step by step, at your own personal path and considering your individual circumstances.